How to Develop a Passion for Success


Negril, Jamaica – You can test your passion for success and be guided to actualize your goals. If this is music to your ears, then you would be interested in what Burchell Franklin, CEO of Franklin & Associates in Negril, Jamaica has to say about taking the Passion Test.

Franklin has been passionate about construction and real estate development for many years. Recently, he went online to find a vehicle to share his passion with others. That’s when he found the Passion Test, a program that helps people to identify their passions and to achieve them.

The construction guru turned passion broker told Positive Tourism News his story of how he found the Passion Test program. After finding the Passion Program, he ordered the Passion Book written by Janet Bray Attwood online and on page 246, he found a statement that said “by helping others, you are helping yourself…” Franklin then signed up for the next internatinal training program in Seattle, Washington to become a facilitator.

A solution-oriented Franklin gave an example of how his passion for construction saved his business. “when I started by business in 2005, I had a foreign investor who left me with a two million dollar Jamaican debt. My solution to this situation was to employ 200 persons to continue the business and by doing that I was able to pay off the debt. Since then my company has grown exponentially.”

In sharing his vision, Franklin said “I am the only person in the Caribbean out of 900 persons trained in facilitating the Passion Test. Franklin shared his short- term vision for this new venture  “Six months from now I would like to see Jamaica excel and the youth become the engine of growth to create the vision they seek. A program like this has to be shared with others.  The model started in Jamaica, would be shared not only in the Caribbean, but throughout the world blazing like wildfire to help align people’s passions to become better individuals by inviting them to join the Passion Test network.”

Burchel Franklin and Janet Allwood

To locate facilitators and aspirants for this program Franklin has placed an Ad in local papers. Persons who would be ideal candidates for this program are those who want to excel, those who are seeking a new path, or who want to connect with their inner selves and unleash their passions.

A Mastermind program would be created for new members to share their goals and aspirations with trained facilitators and to link into weekly meetings and broadcasts help aspirants to tap into the international network for success. Janet Attwood, founder, The Passion Test, a New York Times Bestseller Book would assured Franklin that state of the art teachers using the latest teaching technology to enhance learning will come to Jamaica when a critical mass of people are found.

Although there are similarities between the Passion Test and the Landmark program for training leaders, this program goes far beyond that by teaching the techniques of learning and development through identification with ones innate passions.

For further information, contact Burchell Franklin at 876-383-0171 or send an email to: [email protected].

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