How to Choose a Putter: Picking the Right Putter Style for You

How to Choose a Putter: Picking the Right Putter Style for You

Are you trying to figure out how to choose a putter? Read this article to learn more about picking the right putter style for you.

You’ve hit the perfect drive and followed it up with a solid approach shot. Now you need to sink a put, but do you have the right putter?

Finding out how to choose a putter is a valuable asset to your golf game. Whether it’s a 50 footer or a winding green, putting makes or breaks your score on a golf course. There are thousands of putter styles for the most used club in your bag.

Pay close attention when it comes to how to choose a putter. Deciding what type of putter should I choose is another question.

Let’s take a look.

Determine Your Stroke

There are two styles of putting — straight or slight arc. Determining what stroke category you fit in will help you in choosing a putter.

Straight putters are individuals who keep the club path straight (or forward and backward) while keeping the putter face’s angle square to the hole.

Golfers that use the slight arc approach to putting take the club back inside, return it squarely and then finish the arc to the left. They face of the putter will open at backstroke, square up at contact, and finish with a closed face.

Attributes of a Putter

When deciding on how to choose a putter, head style, balance and shaft length all come into play, putter grip is also very important.

Different putter heads provide a different feel and perform a different way as they distribute their weight throughout a unique head shape. Putters come in a Blade/Anser, Mallet, and High MOI.

Balance comes from the relation of the putter’s center of gravity and the axis of the shaft. There’s toe weighted, face balanced and mid balanced putters. Each one works with a different part of your putter’s balance. Usually, more toe hang is best for golfers with the arching putt form.

Finally, the shaft length allows a golfer to achieve the proper posture. Shaft length has less to do with your game and more to do a comfortable height, arm length, and posture.

Recommendations on How to Choose a Putter

Based on your swing style, here are some recommendations for putters to choose from.

Arc stroke golfers should look to a Blade/Anser style putter. The balance should sit more mid to high toe weighted. Thanks to the toe weight, arc stokes will be better complemented by this type of putter.

Straight back and through putting styles should go with the Mallet. The balance is face focused and promotes a straighter stroke based on its balance and weight distribution.

High MOI is for inconsistent strokes. Thanks to its design, golfers experience a reduction in twisting on off-center hits. Balance for this putter sits more in the middle.

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