How Do You Win a Criminal Case?

How Do You Win a Criminal Case?

When it comes to defending your client, you are not only defending them from authorities and people that want to place them in jail but as a criminal defense attorney, you are fighting for their future and reputation as it applies to society. As a defender for your client, you want to preserve their rights, their ability to be an autonomous human being, who is able to acquire a job and make a livelihood, and that is free from false accusations from their accusers. For the accused, this is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Although your legal representation costs money, it saves your future. Consider how much you have to lose if you get a criminal conviction. Even if you don’t spend time in jail, your conviction could keep you from finding work. Your future is at stake and that is why hiring an experienced attorney is of the utmost importance after being accused of a crime. Stephen Cobb, a criminal defense attorney in Fort Walton Beach, recommends retaining the services of a defense lawyer as early in your case as possible.

Evaluating The Facts and Debunking False Accusations

Even for seasoned attorneys with years of experience in the courtroom, defending your client is not impossible, but it can be a challenge. Perhaps the judge in the courtroom won’t budge on a solid piece of evidence you have provided that suggests your client wasn’t the one who committed the crime, but someone else. Alternatively, the jury can be an opponent to your defense as well and they just don’t seem convinced at your case you presented to the judge. What do you do to overcome these obstacles that are hindering your path to a successful defense strategy?

Review and evaluate the facts, scrutinize police reports, make sure witnesses are telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. To increase the chances of winning a criminal case is to raise a reasonable doubt that your client did not commit the crime, and look for flaws and incongruencies in the opposing legal team’s argument that is trying to incriminate your client.

Reasoning With the Jury for a Favorable Outcome

The jury plays a significant role in court hearings and trials involving individuals who are accused of serious crimes. The jury listens to the evidence during a trial, decides what facts the evidence has established, and draws inferences from those facts to form the basis for their decision. The jury decides whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty, and from the final verdict can decide the outcome for your client’s life for years to come.

When it comes to a jury during a trial, building rapport with the jurors is crucial, and selecting the right jury is very important. After all, they are the people who will be making the decision that affects your client’s future. Get the wrong mix, and you may have a problem. Getting people to be brutally honest and speak openly in front of a room full of strangers on topics they never before considered can be difficult. How do you make jurors feel comfortable enough to talk and really open up? How do you bounce from juror to juror? How do you reveal and “de-select” those jurors who are wrong for your case? How do you convert your questions to establish the all-important challenges for the cause?

Presenting a case before a jury is more effective when the jurors can see the evidence and draw conclusions from them. Plain old persuasive banter has its limitations, but when an attorney takes an interactive approach, to talk to each juror and present convincing evidence that is in favor of your client, the jury will begin trusting you more and this will pave the way to a successful defense strategy.

Protecting The Rights and Future of Your Client

As a criminal defense attorney, you are protecting the interests and future of your client. People accused of crimes often feel helpless and hopeless. Some are fortunate to have the support of family members and friends, while others lose that support when the charges are announced by news outlets and social media. In most cases, you are your client’s only hope, and they are counting on you. For the individual accused of committing a crime, hiring a defense attorney is very likely their last resort and they are hoping they can have their charges dropped and regain the trust of their loved ones.




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