How Can Nurses Take Care Of Themselves

While nurses are busy caring for other people every day, they often forget that they are human too and need some care or pampering to stay healthy and active. Every job is stressful. However, a nurse’s job is even more so. They deal with all sorts of patients and life/death situations throughout their day. The practice can be a lot to take sometimes. Plus, when do nurses rest? They are constantly on the go.

All of this stress is mentally and physically draining. You can’t work with no fuel in your tank. And in a job as demanding as nursing, you can’t afford to let burnout overrun you. Therefore, self-care is essential if you want to make it as a successful nurse. Self-care puts everything into perspective, makes you more relaxed, and ultimately, more productive at work. Being productive ensures growth and job satisfaction.

A considerable amount of the stress in nursing may also come from career stagnation. Career growth isn’t just earned through performing well at work. You have to be adequately qualified too. But how must nurses make time for earning advanced degrees with their packed schedules? The best choice is to consider MSN to NP programs online and create a flexible learning schedule around shift hours. The process may take a little longer, but higher education will enable you to upskill your practice, manage work better, and cut back on some, if not all, of the work-related burnout. If you’re looking for more tips on how to get rid of stress completely, continue reading.

  1. Eat well and remain hydrated

Nurses are constantly running around the hospital, gathering meds, fetching reports, attending to patients, calling the doctors, etc. There’s some weightlifting involved too. All of these tasks need a tank full of energy to keep you going. Not just that, but nurses are also constantly exposed to various kinds of diseases and viruses. Having a proper diet will boost your immunity and keep you energetic throughout the day. You’ll be able to perform your work better if your stomach is well-satiated. Therefore, have a healthy breakfast and pack a healthy lunch for yourself. Also, don’t forget to replenish your body fluids.

  1. Invest in comfort

You better be in your most comfortable shoes if you step into the profession of nursing- and we mean that literally. Purchase custom-made nursing shoes or any pair of shoes that guarantee extreme comfort. They should be comfortable standing in for long periods and running around as well. Ensure that these extra-comfortable shoes have a non-slip grip too to avoid any accidental injuries.

  1. Take time to look after yourself

Understandably, you need to attend to your patients all the time. It’s the empathy that got most of you into the profession in the first place. However, continuously working without breaks will eventually lead to burnout. Therefore, NEVER skip your nurse break. If you feel stressed, go out in the open and spend some minutes observing your surroundings. Think of anything but your job or your patients. Exhausting yourself will only reduce your focus on the job, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

  1. Just breathe

Does this even make any sense? Well, yes, it does. We are all breathing all the time. Yet, most people don’t know that breathing the right way can reduce stress levels in your body. Take a huge gasp of air. Fill your lungs with it enough so that the stomach can broaden. Keep it in for 3 or 5 seconds and release it slowly. Do this 2 or 5 times during your shifts and feel the difference. You’ll begin to feel lighter, energized, and more focused. This exercise is also beneficial if you perform it early in the morning when you wake up.

  1. Be ambitious and stay motivated

With innovations in healthcare, the medical world is constantly evolving and diversifying. Because of the 4th industrial revolution, we now have various techniques to make medical procedures more straightforward. To get acquainted with all of this, you must remain motivated to do new things, acquire new skills, and learn new software. Enroll in courses that help you hone your technological proficiencies. Attend beneficial seminars and workshops. Stay up-to-date on all the trends and swings in the market.

  1. Be compassionate

Treat your patients with immense gentleness and kindness. After all, they’re going through a tough time already. The least you can do is be kind to them. Positively interact with co-workers and patients. Walk into your job looking as fresh and as crisp as the morning breeze. Put yourself in the patient’s shoes (not literally). Ask yourself how you’d like to be treated if you were in their place. Once you know, your job will get slightly easier. Besides, a positive attitude helps to keep workplace negativity at bay.

  1. Try to enjoy your work environment

12-hour shifts can be overwhelming. 36-hour shifts can be paralyzing. Unless, of course, if you’re a workaholic. Go around making small talk with colleagues, technicians, and doctors. Ask them about their day or their recent patient. Give out compliments (only if you mean it). Ask your executives for feedback that can help you improve.

  1. It’s not the end of the world

Make this your mantra in this profession. Whether a patient dies or you have too much work on your plate, remember that it’s not the end of the world. Whenever you have a bad day, treat yourself a little, maybe chocolate or a beer. Try to get your mind over aggressive patients and arrogant doctors. Tell yourself, “it will all be over soon.”


Nursing is one of the most challenging professions in the world. It’s both mentally and physically draining. Therefore, you’ll need to take out time for yourself to keep your head above the water. Eat lots of greens and remain hydrated. Take short breaks during work and education. Follow breathing exercises to help get rid of the stress. Draft goals for yourself, and stick to them. Try to appreciate the environment you’re in. It makes things a hundred times easier. Keep yourself updated with the new trends and skills that are arising in the nursing market.


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