Honorable R. Danny William Addresses South Florida Alumni Association

Miramar — Chairman of the Jamaica College Foundation, the Honorable R. Danny William addressed the Jamaica College Old Boys Association (JCOBAFL) at their Annual General Meeting in Miramar, Florida, January 14th, 2012.

Mr. Williams provided an update to the JCOBAFL members of the efforts by the Jamaica College Foundation and school board to continue to improve the school.

He admonished members to continue to play a role in helping the school as they try to educate young men who will eventually play a crucial role in nation building.

Hon. R. Danny Williams

“You can play a part in molding these young men,” said Mr. Williams, as he discussed the difficulty facing many students who are from single parent homes with no male figure to guide them in their formative years. He further elaborated on the school’s welfare program and the cadre of guidance counselors, social workers and the Dean of discipline, which are required to attend to the ever-increasing demands of the student populous exposed to the ills of a society that they are a part of. The main area of need is that of the challenges faced by students due to absentee fathers and overburdened mothers.

The talk was well received by the attendees, with many pledging to renew the scope & extent of their involvement with the Florida chapter and to do their part in advancing the welfare of Jamaica College, and by extension, Jamaica.

The Jamaica College Old Boys Association Jamaica College Foundation presented Mr. Williams with a check for $1000 (US) for the Jamaica College Foundation.

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