Historic Southwest Homestead Neighborhood Begins Affordable Housing Development

HOMESTEAD – On Thursday, February 15, 2024 in Southwest Homestead, history was set in motion as the Triangle Development Demolition Kick-Off unfolded at 238 SW 5th Street. The Homestead CRA Chairman, Steven Losner, took center stage to spearhead the celebratory occasion, flanked by the esteemed Board Members, Jenifer Bailey and Larry Roth, CRA Director Kametra Driver, and CRA Staff.

Chairman Losner opened the proceedings, setting the tone for what promised to be a landmark event in the neighborhood’s revitalization. The Triangle Development, nestled in the heart of Historic Southwest Homestead, symbolized not just a physical transformation but a beacon of hope for the community.

As the Triangle Development Demolition Kick-Off unfolded, the event became a symbol of collective optimism. Chairman Losner, Board Members Bailey and Roth, CRA Director Kametra Driver, and CRA Staff stood united in their commitment to a brighter future. The Triangle Development, with its demolition heralding a new beginning, marked a crucial step toward revitalizing Southwest Homestead and creating a legacy that would endure for generations to come.

Homestead Affordable Housing Development

Triangle Development Demolition

  • Triangle Development Demolition is a mixed-use development that incorporates affordable housing, market-rate housing, and commercial components; 51% of units on parcels conveyed from Miami-Dade County qualifying as affordable (defined at 80% of Area Median Income)
  • Enabling commercial activities that contribute to neighborhood activation and economic development; and
  • Inclusion of amenities which will be attractive and beneficial to residents of the surrounding area and to residents and/or patrons of the development; these may include (but are not limited to) meaningful open and green spaces, water recreation-related amenities (e.g., splash pad, swimming pool), parking, public spaces, and multimodal accommodations such as shared bicycle stops/racks.

Homestead Affordable Housing Development


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