Health City Cayman Islands Saves Jamaican Businesswoman

Jamaican Businesswoman Heartened By Caribbean Hospital, Health City Cayman Islands

CAYMAN ISLANDS – Health City Cayman Islands, the vision of renowned heart surgeon and humanitarian Dr. Devi Shetty and his  medical team is being credited for saving Jamaican businesswoman, Cluthild Spencer’s life.

Cluthild Spencer is giving thanks for the lifesaving heart treatment she recently received in the neighboring Cayman Islands, resurrecting hopes of being able to run as fast as her countryman Usain Bolt.

Spencer, who runs a successful pole-line construction and cabling company with her husband in Jamaica, is thankful to the medical team at Health City Cayman Islands for replacing damaged heart valves, as well as to her daughter for recommending the facility to her.

Spencer, 61, credited her daughter, who teaches at John Gray High School in the Cayman Islands: “She came on a tour of the hospital and (told) me about it last year. And, after all the things I heard about Health City, I (decided to have my surgery here), and I’m so happy I did.”

“I really appreciate it. And I’m saying that from my heart – from my new heart,” added Spencer while recovering from heart surgery at Health City Cayman Islands.

Health City Cayman Island Dr Binoy and Jamaican Businesswoman Cluthild Spencer

Dr. Binoy Chattuparambil, a senior cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon with more than 20 years of experience, agreed it was a good choice because of her condition: “Mrs. Spencer had rheumatic heart disease as a young child…and because of that, two of the four valves in the heart were seriously damaged.”

It was in the late stage of the disease, observed Dr. Binoy, as he is affectionately called: “We replaced both valves and she was in the hospital for five days. Two weeks after the surgery, she’s doing very well.”

Confirmation of the surgery’s success came from the patient herself: “Before the surgery, when I did excessive walking, I usually got breathless. Two weeks after the surgery I don’t have that kind of breathlessness anymore.”

Dr. Binoy agreed: “It’s true. She’s recovering very well and she’s not on any pain medication. This recovery will take four to six weeks and she is going to be perfectly healthy. She will be able to do everything she was doing maybe five or 10 years before this.”

Spencer enthusiastically confirmed she was on the mend and in no time would be like her world champion sprinter countryman: “I’ll be running like Usain Bolt,” she smiled.

Not such a far-fetched claim, confirmed Dr. Binoy: “She can run in a marathon, it’s true. That’s what we assured her, before the surgery.”

Spencer lauded the staff for their professionalism: “It’s an excellent team. Both my doctors are just the best (as well as the) nurses. My patient care consultant is a sweetheart. And whatever I can do to build the reputation of this hospital, I will.”

The doctors’ personal approach was a revelation for Spencer: “These doctors come in any time of the day or night. They come in, they sit on the bed, they talk to me (and) make me feel comfortable. I really appreciate them and love them.”

Now, Spencer and her daughter are trying to convince a relative with back problems to choose the top Caribbean hospital. While the clinic is best known for heart surgeries, Dr. Binoy said they would be well cared for. “We have really good orthopedics and spine surgeons here so whether it is joint or spine or neurosurgery we have an excellent team here to take care of our patients.”

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