Haitian Leader Werley Nortreus Says ‘Suicide is Not the Solution’

Werley Nortreus Says 'Suicide is Not the Solution'
Werley Nortreus

[PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti]Werley Nortreus, an intellectual, philosopher, music artist, author, writer, entrepreneur, and rising political candidate, says his heart is broken as he looks at how a lot of people are committing suicide in recent days.

The rising Haitian and African leader says that suicide is not the solution, and he encourages people to remain strong despite what they are going through. The leader says even he sometimes had bad thoughts in his head to commit suicide, he had to stay strong despite what he is going through.

“I’m really sad to see how people, especially black people are committing suicide these days. Every time I look at the news, it’s always bad news. I urge all silent sufferers to stand firm because suicide is not the answer. I, too, sometimes had this bad thought, but I had to stay solid because suicide is not the solution. If anyone is having suicidal thoughts, the solution is to call for help”, – Werley, rising political candidate.

Especially, in the black community, people committed suicide almost every day. Boys, like girls, young adults, committed suicide instead of seeking help to prevent suicide. In recent years, the number of suicide cases are very high. In addition to the new year 2022, many people have committed suicide, including celebrities and others.

Affect of Mental Health Today

Ian Alexander Jr., the only child of an award-winning actress, died by suicide at the age of 26, a representative for the family said as support flooded in from social media. Including the former Miss USA beauty pageant winner, Kryst, who jumped to her death from her luxury Midtown high-rise apartment building last Sunday. And so many others who committed suicide but didn’t make it to the headlines.

“This kind of news breaks me because they are so sad. I urge all those who suffer in silence to seek help instead of suicide because suicide is not the answer. I would also like to send my sympathy and condolences to the families of those who killed themselves. We are in a fight together; we must not let the fight win in our place”, says Werley after seeing news about recent suicides.

After all this bad news, Werley has come out of his silence to encourage all those who are suffering in silence to seek help instead of killing themselves because that is not the solution. After seeing all this bad news, he says his heart is broken.


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