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GroceryList Jamaica Partnering with Bellevue Hospital (Jamaica) on Donations

FORT LAUDERDALE – Grocery List Jamaica Limited, a subsidiary of the Florida-based Grocery List Jamaica, has partnered with Bellevue Hospital in Jamaica to allow for easier and more transparency in donations to the hospital.

People wishing to donate funds and or grocery to the hospital can now use the online platform to make those donations. Those donations will go instantaneously to the hospital and eliminate the use of third parties.

GroceryList Jamaica partnership with Bellevue Hospital - Suzette Buchanan, Rory Richards
Suzette Buchanan Chief Executive Officer of Bellevue Hospital and Rory Richards, Chief Executive Officer of Grocery List Jamaica Limited

New Partnership

The partnership was announced by the Chief Executive office of Bellevue Hospital Suzette Buchanan and the chief executive office of Grocery List Jamaica Limited, Rory Richards.

Under the partnership, people, especially people and organizations overseas, wishing to donate to the hospital can now go to grocery List Jamaica online platform to make their donations. They can donate grocery, money or buy a gift card. This will enable the institution to use for future purchases. A care package will also be created for the Bellevue community that can use used by donors.

Partnership Advantages

Mr. Richards said that the advantages of the partnership are people can buy groceries directly for the hospital. Additionally, they can buy gift cards for future purchases and Bellevue will have direct access to any and all money raised.

“This will allow for accountability and transparency allowing donors to have confidence that their donations are going directly to the hospital and such donations are being used as intended,” he said.

He said that Grocery List Jamaica will also assist with proficiently providing some of the resources the hospital needs through overseas donors with clarity and accountability.

Eliminating Third Parties

Mrs. Buchanan welcomed the partnership. Noting this will eliminate the need for donors to go through third parties. Especially when making donations to the hospital.

 “This partnership will ensure that persons throughout the diaspora have the ability to send resources directly to Bellevue Hospital in Jamaica. This partnership reaffirms the commitment to public/private partnerships that will improve access and strengthen the relationship between those presently in Jamaica and the Diaspora at large,” she said.

Embracing Innovation

The Bellevue Hospital CEO said this innovative approach provides Bellevue with a unique opportunity to be accountable with the resources provided.

“We have taken this innovative approach based on the call from the public in an effort to improve accessibility and improve how mental health is viewed in Jamaica,” said Mrs. Buchanan.

She also said that it will allow for efficiency and more transparency as people can now make direct contributions without having to go through a third party with such donations, she pointed out.

This, she said, will eliminate the need for third parties for such donations.

GroceryList Jamaica Partnering with Bellevue Hospital (Jamaica) on Donations

Grocery List Jamaica Expansion

Grocery List Jamaica is robust in technology and logistics that it takes minutes to assist anyone in need of food in Jamaica whilst also creating an avenue through which monetary contributions by gift cards/donation campaigns are done in in real time.

The system provides a system with flawless reporting for clients who chose to use the donation service of the platform while keeping client information safe and flagging scams,

Grocery List connects to 150 local stores in Jamaica, where Jamaicans in the Diaspora can order grocery items for their loved ones in Jamaica and have such grocery items delivered to their doorsteps within minutes of placing an order. The platform covers all 14 parishes in Jamaica.

In addition to the over 150 local stores, there are some 700 people in Jamaica who do the shopping and delivery. It also helps to Increase the revenues for local businesses, allowing them to hire more people, as well as help Jamaicans, consume our healthy local products

Grocery List Jamaica operates in the same manner as shopping on the Amazon platform for items.

Mental Health Issues in Jamaica

Both Mr. Richards and Mrs. Buchanan pointed to the need to raise awareness about mental health issues in Jamaica and how the community, both locally and overseas, can assist the public education around this issue.

According to co-founder of Grocery List Jamaica, Rory Richards, the opening of Grocery List Jamaica Limited will allow the online company to better service its clients in Jamaica as well as see to the welfare of the many Jamaicans who work for the company in Jamaica.

Grocery List Jamaica Partnering with Bellevue Hospital (Jamaica) on Donations


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