Global Stardom Promoting Dancehall Artists to Major American Brands

by Howard Campbell

ATLANTA – An Atlanta-based, Jamaican-owned marketing firm is partnering with major brands to help break dancehall artists in the American mainstream. Global Stardom, founded and operated by Stefan Stewart, currently has four Jamaican acts on its roster.

Due to his company’s links with Steve Madden, Nike, Netflix and Disney+, Stewart estimates Global Stardom has a reach of 200 million followers. He is hoping that will benefit Armanii, Zidii, PinkFox and Sp!da, the Jamaican artists he manages.

“We give listeners new sounds they didn’t know they needed to hear. Each artist has a unique sound that immediately sets them apart once their music hits digital platforms. The difference in their sound is what makes them relevant with each track they drop. The digital creators have a duty to create unique trends with any product that is marketable and that is what pulls the major brands to want to collaborate in a bid to have their product marketed in the same fashion,” Stewart explained.

Deejay Armanii Making an Impact

marketing dancehall artists to American brands - Armanii

Armanii, a deejay from Kingston, is the most visible of the quartet. He began recording music two years ago, but rose to prominence in the last year through hit songs like Balenciaga pon mi Foot, Wild And Wikid and Innocent.

“The company made its first impression when it debuted with Balenciaga pon mi Foot by Armanii, who has grossed over 500,000 digital listeners each month and is currently trending with How Yuh Feel. The unique campaign of this EP interested YouTube, which granted Armanii a billboard deal across the tri-state area,” Stewart disclosed.

Because of Armanii’s popularity, he said YouTube has shown similar interest in his other Jamaican acts.

A graduate of Southern Illinois University, Stewart ventured into the Jamaican music market after working with American rappers KCamp and Toosie, as well as Shai, the R&B quartet best known for the 1992 hit single, If Ever I Fall in Love.

Currently, there are over 50 “creators” associated with Global Stardom which also has offices in Jamaica, where Stewart is keen to make a mark.

“It’s very important because Jamaica is where home is, home for dancehall, reggae, and every spinoff genre that you can think of that has the Jamaican sound,” he said. “Wi haffi dance a yard before wi dance abroad, that’s a real saying. Getting appreciated by international countries for our work is an overwhelming feeling but when the love from home hits, it’s a different feeling.”


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