From molestation, abuse and near death, a champion arises

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Ivett Jackson is a champion and an example of the ‘sacred feminine’ goddess energy now re-emerging on the planet to move the consciousness of human beings to a higher vibration.

McLean tells the story of her experiences in her autobiography entitled “The Journey: A Warrior’s Resilient Spirit,” an award-winning book published by Author House in 2008. Her first work was a ‘cliff-hanger’ which was incorporated in a second book re-printed under the same title.

The author and actress recount her story as a 13 yr. old girl who was molested by her step-father in St. Catherine, Jamaica. The experience repressed in the deep corners of her mind, escaped her conscious awareness for many years. The author says “For twenty-two years I blocked it out…I did not tell my mom, but I believe she knew. She said before she died ‘forgive me’.”

It was a TV news feature about a young girl who was abused by a family member that triggered the recall. Ivett’s relentless searching and probing began to piece the puzzle together over a period of 40 yrs. with the help of her cousin, until the true picture emerged. She wrote her first book to share with others her mission to change the lives of abused women, men and children not only in Jamaica, but around the world. Jackson says that she would “go to the ends of the earth to help people to heal emotionally and spiritually.” In fact, people are contacting her from as far away as Africa.

Later, she would discover that she had breast cancer. Deciding on surgery, she prayed for a full recovery based on her deep faith and conviction in God. Jackson became an unstoppable cancer survivor. Moving on with her life, she will tell you that God gave her the strength and endurance to survive a 25 yr. abusive marriage. She prayed day by day and sought counseling to help her through the ordeal. “Without God strengthening me, how else could I have survived it, she asked?”

If that was not enough, Ivett lived to tell the story of a most miraculous escape from death. She said that on the way to church one day, an 18 wheeler truck collided head-on with her car and she ended up underneath the truck. She escaped unscathed. She attributes this also to God who has spared her life to finish her mission.

Ivett is passionate about her mission; it is evident in her voice and her laugh. She is focused on helping others heal, feeding the hungry and providing housing for abused persons. To this end she has produced a film entitled “Forgiveness, Lessons of Life 101,” which will be part of the Jamaica International Reggae Film Festival in Ocho Rios August 1-5, 2013.

The author and filmmaker will be returning to Florida shortly, but will return to the island later this month. She remains committed to transforming as many lives as possible before her departure and upon her return. Ivett invites Jamaicans to find their passion and take their life back, by reading “The Journey: A Warrior’s Resilient Spirit,” and watching the movie to learn forgiveness, the most effective method for complete spiritual healing. The author has a special message for men and for women contemplating suicide, which will be unveiled during upcoming interviews.

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