From Cop to Doc, Jamaican Author Releases New Book

MIAMI – The small island of Jamaica has given us some of the world’s most amazing people, including the musicians Bob Marley and Buju Banton; the activists Marcus Garvey and Lenford Harvey; politicians Colin Powell, and even the athletes Asafa Powell and Patrick Ewing. Oftentimes, however, some Jamaicans get overlooked. Meet Dr. Elmay Powell-Hatcher, a Jamaican born but American-produced academic, who has just released her inspirational debut book titled “Searching for The Best.”

A native of the sugar town Trelawny, Jamaica, Dr. Hatcher has put to use the values of hard work and sacrifice to make the successful but daunting transition from an officer in the Jamaica Constabulary Force in Kingston to adjunct professor at Nova Northeastern University in South Florida. Jamaicans are renowned for being ambitious risk takers, and so the young Hatcher put her zealousness to the test when she left the comfort of her own surroundings to start a new life in a country foreign to her in every sense of the word.

Dr. Hatcher

In “Searching for The Best,” Hatcher takes snapshots of her life and biblical scripture and puts them into context to relate to the average reader, who must overcome his or her own hardship to achieve their goal. Although the book was written for people from all walks of life in any country, Hatcher adds that her work speaks to all her countrymen and women, specifically.

Whether in Jamaica or abroad, you will fall in love with the words and power of this book. Share this book with your family and friends.

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