French Montana Samples Everton Blender’s Ghetto People Song on Higher

French Montana Samples Everton Blender's Ghetto People Song
French Montana

by Howard Campbell

[NEW YORK] – When Everton Blender returns to touring in July, the veteran roots artist has added reason to perform Ghetto People Song. That 1996 song has been sampled by rapper French Montana and Harry Fraud for their song, Higher.

Their track hears Blender singing ‘Higher, higher, it’s getting higher’ in the background as French Montana and Harry Fraud rap over his vocals.

Higher was officially released on June 27, but Blender said he first heard it three days prior. He is pleased that one of his songs has been sampled by a high-profile hip hop act. Especially as it gives him overdue recognition.

Ghetto People Song was produced by Tony Rebel on his La La Bella rhythm which also spawned hit singles in Rebel’s If Jah is standing by my Side and Are You Satisfied by American singer Ras Shiloh.

Blender is slated to return to live performing July 10 at The Cave in Paterson, New Jersey. He is looking forward to that gig as well as others in New York, Canada and the United Kingdom.

“I feel good to know dat people who get lock down for di past two years can get out an’ enjoy themselves. I feel good for dem, not jus’ for myself,” said the Rastafarian artist.

Impact of COVID-19

Everton Blender
Everton Blender at the Great Wall of China

The lockdowns caused by COVID-19 prevented many artists from earning a living, although most acts in Jamaica survived by recording dub plates (special releases for sound systems). That was not the case for 67 year-old Blender.

“Di studio dem did lock down so I couldn’t go to studios an’ do any dub plates. But wi give thanks, ‘cause wi family had wi back,” he said.

Everton Blender was one of the artists that led a Rastafarian revival in Jamaican music during the 1990s. That movement also included Tony Rebel, singer Garnet Silk and dub poet Yasus Afari.

His songs, which include Lift up Your Head, Family Man and Piece of The Blender. They were favorites in Jamaica and reggae charts throughout North America and Europe.


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