Florida’s Democratic Party Reminds Citizens: Your Redistricting Public Hearing Is Coming Up

TALLAHASSEE – As a citizen in Florida your voice is your vote and you have to protect it, not only by voting in each and every election, but by demanding that it is counted accurately and fairly. You also have a right to expect, and insist, that your legislature follow the law as voted upon by the people and enshrined in the Florida Constitution.

The public hearing on Florida’s redistricting plan in your area is coming up in just a few days and it’s your chance to guard your vote and hold the politicians accountable by demanding the new districts be drawn fairly and legally.

For too long in Florida, it has been the politicians that have chosen their voters, and not the voters who have chosen their leaders. Attend your public hearing and help make sure that the Republican-led legislature follows the Constitution and draws fair districts for Florida.

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