Florida Governor Charlie Crist hails contribution of Caribbean Businesses

ORLANDO – Florida Governor Charlie Crist has hailed the contribution of Caribbean owned businesses to the economy of the Sunshine State. He has also praised the vital role Caribbean Americans play in the historical and cultural heritage of Florida.

The Governor’s remarks are contained in a message of welcome to participants in the upcoming Fourth Annual Caribbean American Business Expo and Conference to be held June 10-12, in Orlando. This event is put on each year by Florida’s Caribbean Sun newspaper as part of the celebration of Caribbean Heritage Month.

Governor Charlie Christ

Crist congratulated the Caribbean Sun newspaper for once again hosting the event which he said has positively impacted many business enterprises by providing opportunities for marketing their products, networking and seeking to resolve issues with which they are confronted.

“Caribbean Americans play a vital role in the cultural and historical heritage of the Sunshine State. Each year,Florida’s economy benefits from the hard work of Caribbean business ventures and enterprise,” Crist said.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Orange County, Richard Crotty has said he places great value on the successful partnership developed between the County and its Caribbean American population.

“Orange County has sustained a strong and friendly relationship with its Caribbean-American residents for many years. As Mayor, I place great value on the opportunities we have shared and the successful partnership we have developed along the way.

“Our community is blessed with an exciting business atmosphere. The Caribbean American Business Expo serves as an excellent resource for businesses and professionals alike, exemplifying the spirit of the diverse entrepreneurship that is developing Central Florida. It is in this spirit that Orange County welcomes the opportunity to encourage the growth of business ventures through this Expo,” Crotty said in his message.

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