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Fashion Company CLOAK to give 100% of their profits to the starving in Haiti

MIAMI – CLOAK Apparel releases “Positivity Moves,” limited edition designer t-shirts. 100% of the profit from the launch collection will be donated to charity, Convoy of Hope.

These days we’re constantly being bombarded with the problems we face as a society, human race and citizens of planet earth. We know that there are so many issues but, a lot of us are either overwhelmed by the responsibility to be part of the solution or we’ve become desensitized to it all and we just continue living out our lives.

That is the inspiration for CLOAK.

CLOAK is all about being stylish and socially conscious. In short, CLOAK designs and sells cool and unique products. A portion (and in some cases 100%) of the profit is donated to active and legitimate charitable causes.

“Our goal is to become a vast resource for socially conscious causes and to develop missions projects that focus on specific issues around the world,” explains Ebonie, Mukasa, CEO of CLOAK. “Our business model includes a plan for reciprocating resources gained to help develop solutions for social crisis in this country and around the world.” Fashion is their vehicle, being a part of the solution to social problems is their purpose.

The company’s launch campaign, “The Ordinary Need Not Apply,” features the “Positivity Moves,” limited edition t-shirt collection.

In true CLOAK form, this collection is bold, vibrant and fun. The large positive symbol is intended to remind people to be positive everyday and that they are part of a movement to become part of the solution. “We were inspired by the spirit of Brooklyn,” Terrance Wilson, CLOAK VP of Creative Direction. The Brooklyn native recently relocated to Miami from Fort Greene.

CLOAK Apparel t-shirts are for the energetic, open-minded and eclectic, trendsetter. That’s why they’re offering an array of color options for people to choose from. People can mix, match and layer to create a look that is all their own.

While CLOAK is a for profit company, the company is really serious about its giving and missions projects.

In light of the recent focus in the news regarding the food crisis in Haiti:
http://www.democracynow.org/2008/5/1/back_from_haiti_rev_jesse_jackson, 100% of the profit made from the launch collection will be donated to charities helping the poor living in the nation of Haiti.

“Positivity Moves” limited edition designer tees are available at, www.cloakinc.com. For more information on Convoy of Hope visit, http://www.convoyofhope.org/go/international/details/convoy_responds_to_global_food_crisis

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