Evidence From Global Life Insurance Reviews That Globe Life May Be Your Best Option

Evidence From Global Life Insurance Reviews That Globe Life May Be Your Best Option

Globe Life Insurance and Insurance Company is an organization that gets little recognition than what it really deserves. Most people are quick to rule it off without discovering what it has to offer.

Various global life insurance reviews– including this one- support that there are more benefits than drawbacks with this insurance company.

And though the company has some faults, realize, no company is perfect. Besides, Globe Life has been in the spotlight severally for all the right reasons.

As per statistics, approximately 60% of Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company members recommend it to their friends. Another group of members have given it a try and have reported to like it a lot. With so many unbeatable offers, it would be impossible not to like the organization.

If you’re still thinking twice about Globe Life Insurance Company, we believe that you’ll change your mind after reading this article.

What is Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company?

Established in 1951 with $60,000 in borrowed funds and known as Torchmark before, Globe Life Company is an insurance company that offers mortgage protection, accidental death, term, children’s life, and whole life insurance products.

Its headquarters is in Oklahoma City and is licensed in all states except New York. Though most global life insurance company reviews hint that it is a poor choice, we think it is an ideal pick for you if you want a fast and reliable insurance service.

Why Globe Life Insurance Company?

1.  No Waiting Period

 Most insurance companies require their clients to wait for two years or more before their coverage comes into effect, which can be frustrating.

With Globe Life, however, this is not the case. Whichever cover you pick, it becomes active as soon as you apply for it.

What’s even better is when compared to its rivals, the company’s insurance products have some interesting offers such as flexible prices.

2.  No Medical Exam Necessary

Medical examinations can be tiresome and lengthy, depending on your state of health. Globe Life understands this and grants you the opportunity to skip the exam hassle.

With its policies, you can receive cover minus a medical exam. The company processes your application fast, meaning you can avoid the traditional process that may take at least 6 weeks.

Sure, you have to answer a couple of questions about your health, but you won’t have to visit a physician or schedule an appointment to receive insurance.

3. Money-Back Guarantee

Are you unhappy with your insurance policy? Well, Globe Life offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. The catch is you need to cancel within those 30 days.

In addition, you won’t need to offer an explanation for your action unless you do it at your own free will.

4. Maximum Financial Stability

According to a couple of global life insurance reviews, Globe Life Insurance Company has an S&P rating of AA-, a Fitch Rating of A+, and an A+ financial stability rating from A.M. Best, making it a wonderful first choice for you. These are reputable agencies whose findings have been carefully researched.

Perhaps you are wondering how financial ratings work. It’s quite simple. Independent financial organizations employ special formulas to rate the sturdiness of life insurers. This helps you, the consumer, evaluate the chances a company will be able to clear its obligations at the right time.

Globe Life shines in this area thanks to the presence of over 4 million policyholders. And that’s not all. The organization has also been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1952.

5. Commendable Customer Service

 Globe Life and Insurance Company prides itself on a solid customer care service team that is available on a 24/7 basis.

What’s more, unlike many others, the team comprises ACTUAL people who give responses in real time. They are competent, friendly, well-trained, and always ready to offer quick solutions to all your insurance-related problems.

We won’t turn a blind eye to the high number of complaints the company has faced, but we will say that as is human nature, it’s easier to report bad stuff than good. When you do some digging, you will realize that many content clients give the company a thumbs up.

Bottom Line

Globe Life has its weaknesses like every other company. On a more realistic note, it is better off than many other insurance companies.

However, the few drawbacks don’t mean that it’s an entirely bad idea.

Consider the points above and try it out on your own. We guarantee that you will have more good to say about it than bad- especially if you are looking for quick services and are on a tight budget.


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