Educators from Bahamas Create Superhero to Encourage Children to Read

Educators from Bahamas Create Superhero to Encourage Children to Read

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Robinson

SOUTH FLORIDA  For the new decade, two South Florida educators, Dr. Edward Robinson, Bahamian descent, and wife Constance, have created a multilingual superhero for literacy named, “Readman,” for children grades K-4 in hopes to get them excited about picking up a book and just read!

The fictional superhero who will speak English, French and Spanish officially launched on November 19, 2019 at the Historic Hampton House.

READMAN mission is to change the narrative about reading and fight illiteracy.  He explores the importance of developing good reading habits and becoming proficient readers by sparking the interest of reading through his energetic theme song, “What Time Is It?,” book titled, “Just Read, Man!” and YouTube video series.

Readman is more than just a superhero, he is also a role model for children who are affected by inter-generational illiteracy.

Educators from Bahamas Create Superhero to Encourage Children to Read with Readman


U.S. Illiteracy Statistics:
  • 32 million U.S. adults can’t read
  • 63% of prison inmates can’t read
  • 21% of U.S. adults read below a 5th grade level
  • 19% of high school graduates can’t read

The Robinson’s are lifelong educators with a combined 64 years of experience in education.

Dr. Edward Robinson is a retired South Florida Public School’s principal and Mrs.Constance Robinson is a current South Florida high school counselor.

The couple believe the creation of Readman will make the needed impact on children who are failing in the school system due to lack of reading comprehension and limited learning opportunities outside of their classroom. The couple shares why Readman is so important in the new decade.

“Readman the superhero for literacy will help instill a lifelong love of reading and learning in and outside of the classroom,” said Dr. Robinson, Co-Creator of Readman the superhero for literacy. “As educators, we understand the power of reading, and that literacy development is crucial to a child’s success in school and in life,” he said. Mrs. Robinson adds, “It is important to encourage the youth to read at an early stage. I encounter students who are experiencing stress and the demand of having to catch up due to their socio-economic conditions affecting their academic readiness leading up to high school,” she closed.

Starting 2020, the Robinson’s hope the community will commit and join their mission to promote reading and decrease the illiteracy percentage by gifting an early learning center, daycare and kindergarten class a, “Just Read, Man!” book.

Books are available at Just Readman and parents can also subscribe to Readman’s official YouTube channel, “Readman The Superhero for Literacy,” where their children can read a book with Readman every Thursday and watch his animated video series, too.

Follow Readman on Facebook and Instagram at @JustReadman19

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