Dr. Denzil Douglas to Fully Embrace Next St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party leader

douglas embraces new leader
Dr Douglas (left) with Dr Terrance Drew on Douglas’ right with Konris Maynard (far right) and Dr Hanley (Konris’ right)


[BASSETERRE, St. Kitts]  – Outgoing Political Leader of the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas has denied endorsing any of the three persons nominated to succeed him at the upcoming Party Conference.

Dr Douglas said all three candidates – Dr Geoffrey Hanley, Dr Terrance Drew and Mr Konris Maynard are fit to replace him and he will “fully embrace and endorse and will crown and pass the mantle of anyone of those persons.”

No Endorsement

“I have not endorsed anyone. What I have done as I have said before is, I have suggested to Constituency #4 branch in a private meeting that they should consider nominating Konris Maynard because at that time, it was my opinion that the other two were already nominated,” he said in a call to Freedom 106.5 FM “Issues” programme on Wednesday afternoon.

Party Allegiance

Dr Douglas recalled as he has stated on previous occasions that his own Constituency #6 Branch has  nominated Hon. Dr Geoffrey Hanley. “I now want to say and make it absolutely clear that any of those three gentlemen who would have won the race for the  party leader would be fully endorsed by Dr Douglas. All three have been nominated. I support the race that is ongoing.

Anyone of them is fit to serve,” said Dr Douglas, adding:  “There is no question in my mind as to where my allegiance is. It is to the Party and is to ensure that we get the best person and that we would be able to settle down quickly,  tackle the issues of the country,  mobilise our supporters in a unified group and take out this present government which is not fit to be there any longer.”  He said he wants to make it sure and very clear “that the three persons who among us as our group of candidates, caretakers and MP’s – only three of them said they were interested since I was not interested.”

“It is my duty to ensure that all three are given the opportunity so that our delegates at the conference can selected the one who we think would be able to lead us as a party and into victory,” said Douglas. “I want to make it clear, I will fully embrace and endorse and will crown and pass the mantle of anyone of those persons. There is no particular person to endorse. I have recommended all three to go forward. I will embrace, endorse and crown whoever comes out the winner at the conference.”

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