DNA Energy Drink to be distributed throughout the Caribbean Islands begining December 2008

BOCA RATON – DNA Beverage Corporation has signed its first significant export agreement with JMT Distributors, Inc., that will pave the way for the exporting of its great tasting DNA Energy Drink to a majority of the Caribbean Islands beginning with Hispaniola (Haiti & The Dominican Republic), The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. Several additional islands will follow in the first quarter 2009. The initial 5 container order of approximately 9,000 cases is expected to be shipped in early December 2008.

“We are convinced that the amount of international interest our energy drink is gathering is the direct result of our intense action sports marketing approach that has no territorial boundaries,” said Mel Leiner, the Company’s Executive Vice President. Leiner added, “We are fortunate to have aligned ourselves with JMT, whose families have been a part of Caribbean bottling and distribution dating back to 1927.”

Jean Marc Larco, Chief Caribbean Consultant of JMT Distributors said, “The first shipment of 5 containers is only the beginning. Based upon how DNA’s Energy Drink is being received in the region, we anticipate orders of 20-25 containers per month by mid 2009.” Tim Isaacson, JMT’s principal said, “The Caribbean is an enormous market place for functional energy drinks.” Isaacson added, “With DNA you actually feel the difference.” Isaacson further added, “It (DNA) should really explode in this market as energy drinks are becoming a way of life.”

DNA Energy Drink

DNA Energy Drink is a product of DNA Beverage Corp. and its roots are in the action sports world of athletes who created the drink. DNA Energy Drink is a high quality beverage manufactured to exact standards to achieve superior taste with a formulation that taps into the body’s seven energy sources to maximize energy and improve awareness.

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