Denise Hunt Empowers Women Through New Podcast

denise hunt new podcast
Denise Hunt

By: Howard Campbell

[AUSTIN, Texas] – Since October, Jamaican Denise Hunt has waxed positive thoughts on “Random Thoughts“, a podcast she hosts out of Austin, Texas. Female empowerment is a big deal for her as a life coach, so too uplifting dark-skinned women.

The Kingston-born actress and television personality is unapologetic about her support for women of darker hue. She points out that although Jamaica has an overwhelmingly black population, discrimination is still prevalent.

Hunt has lived in the Texas capital for several years. She is best known in Jamaica for her theater roles.  As well as a host of Entertainment Report, a popular weekly lifestyle program that airs on Television Jamaica.

American audiences may remember Hunt for her role as Ms. Thang in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, the 1998 blockbuster movie.

Hopes for the Podcast

“I believe darker skinned women in Jamaica are marginalized, yes. One example would be how we are relegated to socio-economic stereotypes which keep us in certain jobs longer and having to prove ourselves more than our lighter-skinned neighbors. That said, I am super-proud of the continuous push and courage we exhibit that shows we do speak up and that we refuse to settle for remaining in the box some would keep us in,” she said.

She notes that while projecting the strong black woman is high on the agenda, “Random Thoughts” podcast is not limited to issues of race.

“I advise every woman to find and use her voice. Repeatedly speak their truth in a way that you are heard even when others don’t appear to be listening. If you want something badly enough, remember when you go after it, someone is watching to see how well you do,” Hunt explained. “I know this adds pressure.   However, your success tells the little dark skinned girl in Allman Town, where I am from, that she too can move up and out and do it successfully and with grace.”

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