David Rodigan to Meet ‘The Original’ Jah Love at ‘Reeewind’

B>New York – The third installment of Reeewind — “Reeewind & Come Again — Rub-a-Dub Meets Dancehall” will certainly be an event for the annals of Reggae history when the original Jah Love Sound meets up with legendary selector Sir David Rodigan for a night-long session with top artists on Saturday, April 30 at Amazura in Queens, NY. This year’s highly anticipated “Reeewind” will serve as a milestone 20th Anniversary celebration for Mighty Crown.

Dedicated to Reggae music and culture, the Far East Rulers believe that “Reeewind” is an ideal way to celebrate 20 years in the business.

Reggae Dancehall fans and aficionados of sound system culture will be in for a treat as notorious Rub-a-Dub selector Ilawi takes control of Jah Love. Revered as being on of the greatest selectors of his era, Ilawi’s musical selections inspired and drew many people to the Rastafarian faith. Technically, Jah Love is credited with being one of the most powerful sounds in sound system history. Without hesitation, Rodigan owes much of his love for Reggae Rub-a-Dub to the
Jah Love era. At “Reeewind & Come Again,” Jah Love will dutifully represent the Rub-a-Dub team of Cocoa Tea, Capleton, General Trees, Briggy, and Charlie Chaplin.

Notably, this will be the first time that Rodigan and Jah Love will share the same stage. David Rodigan will also be bringing his wide knowledge of Reggae music and legacy to Amazura. Although David Rodigan holds the utmost respect for the Rub-a-Dub era, he is actually more of an up-tempo selector. Hence, David Rodigan will represent the
dancehall team of Sanchez and his notorious crew Red Dragon, Flourgan and Daddy Lizard. A starch contrast from the norm, this will be Rodigan’s first time performing with live artists.

“Reeewind” will vividly recapture the era of live artist performances on powerhouse sounds. Both David Rodigan and Jah Love have many qualities and accolades to their names. Ilawi is a Rub-a-Dub force, while David Rodigan boasts an arsenal of vintage selections and high powered dub plates. Overall, there is a huge demand for both David Rodigan and Jah Love. In fact, Jah Love has not had a U.S. performance in many years. This 100% culture sound is ready for a blow
out on April 30.

“This year, the ‘Reeewind’ package is designed to please a diverse audience…..we wanted to capture the true essence of vintage Dancehall and at the same time satisfy ‘Reeewind’s’ Rub-a-Dub fans,” says Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin.

The combination of David Rodigan and Jah Love will attract a wide arrange of Reggae enthusiasts. These sounds will provide a musical
backdrop for the artists — guaranteeing a night of strong, quality entertainment. “Reeewind” will boast high level performances, allowing patrons to get more than their money’s worth. In a short time “Reeewind” has become one of the most anticipated Reggae/Dancehall events on the East Coast. Simply put, “Reeewind” is the event you can

“A lot of planning goes into our events…..we continue to lead the other promoters with our turn out and support because of our ability
to create concepts that our patrons fall in love with,” says Chin. “No ‘Reeewind’ concept is the same.”

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