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Continuing Promise Mission Brings U.S. Navy Ship to T&T

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – The USS Kearsarge arrived in Port of Spain on Saturday, October 25 to conduct Continuing Promise 2008, a two-week humanitarian, medical and training mission.

The ship has a crew of about 1,200 sailors and more than 150 air and sea personnel. Kearsarge also has a team of more than 150 military and public health service medical professionals who will work with partner nation medical teams and non-governmental organizations.

About 60 military engineering and construction troops will support the mission by providing construction capabilities, civic action repairs and minor construction projects at each stop.

Continuing Promise 2008 is a multinational effort. Currently aboard USS Kearsarge are two Brazilian doctors, a doctor and nurse from the Royal Netherlands Navy, and dental, medical and nursing personnel from Canada. Also aboard are members of the U.S. Public Health Service, Army veterinarians, and Air Force engineers and medical personnel.

While in Trinidad, the ship’s surgeons will perform eye surgeries and general abdominal surgeries on board the Kearsarge. Free medical care including general medical care and consultations, immunizations, and ophthalmologic/optometric care will be provided at Arima Health Facility October 26 to November 7 and at Couva October 27-31 and November 3-7. Public Health officials will work with their local counterparts to collaborate on topics including infectious diseases, dengue, and waste water management. Veterinarians from the ship will work with the Veterinarian School at Mount Hope to collaborate and provide services to the community, while ship biomedical technicians will assess and repair equipment as needed at Couva and Arima health facilities.

At All in One Child Development Center, ship’s engineers will install a playground and build a fence; at St. Jude’s School for Girls, they will perform internal renovations and repairs to bedrooms, bathroom, hallways and floors; and at Cyril Ross Nursery, will repair gutters.

Continuing Promise 2008 sends a strong message of U.S. support and commitment to Latin America and the Caribbean.

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