Concubine? Nominated for 7 Actor Boy Awards

MIAMI – The cast and production crew of Concubine? returned to Kingston after performing in South Florida this past weekend to good news, as the play was showered with seven Actor Boy Awards nominations.

Concubine? was nominated Best Comedy, Best New Jamaican Play and Best Production. Dahlia Harris was nominated for best actress in a lead role for her impressive portrayal of Patsy, a woman kicked out of her home after fifteen years in a common law relationship to make way for another woman.

Terri Salmon was nominated for best supporting actress for her role as Shelly, Patsy’s supportive and rowdy friend. Chris McFarlane was nominated for best actor in a lead role playing Winston, while Michael Nicholson was nominated for Best Director.

Concubine? returns to South Florida for two more shows, Saturday, March 15 at the Coral Reef High School and Sunday, March 16 at Coral Springs Center for the Arts. The play has gotten rave reviews from patrons who saw it recently and many are calling it one of the best productions to come to South Florida for a long time.

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