Community Blog: McCain’s VP Pick (Gov. Palin) – Strategic or Not?

By: Pat White

MIAMI – Let’s give the 18 Million voters that supported Hillary a little more credit. A percentage of them said they were going to vote for McCain long before this VP pick. They already said they were going to vote for McCain, so what was the purpose for picking a woman – to seal the deal? They were not voting for McCain because of his views or believes, they plan to vote for him out of protest and spite because of the way they believed Senator Clinton was treated through this whole ordeal by her former supporters. The allocation of the votes for Florida and Michigan was the final knife they drove in her back and in her voters’ backs.

It started with the betrayal by Ted Kennedy and many others followed suite. He, among others are asking Senator Clinton to make speeches to unite the party and support her opponent. Ted Kennedy seems to forget that he could barely look at President Carter let alone shake his hand when he lost to the Democratic Presidential Nominee years ago. What do they want from the woman? Do they expect her to be Saint Mary? Even with all that she has done, since they gave away her votes, she is still being criticized, when Ted Kennedy could not even put on a brave front in support of his opponent – Jimmy Carter.

Note to McCain, Hillary supporters did not vote for her just because she was a woman. They voted for her because of her convictions, her strong character, her commitment and her political, business and diplomatic savvy.

Governor Palin
Trying to lure Hillary supporters was one of the reasons for McCain choosing Governor Palin as his running mate. The second reason was to win over the far right voters. Governor Palin is against pro-choice rights and has some other strong (so-called) conservative views that McCain lacks. In this regard, his choice might have been smart, but then again, there were a number of other names that he could have drawn from, who had the same far-right views, but who also had more Political and Foreign Policy experience.

So one can say the main reason for this choice, was to seal the deal with those frustrated voters who feel like they were betrayed by the Democratic Party’s handling of the Florida and Michigan votes, and who were further betrayed by the Democrat’s VP choice. They have a saying in Jamaica – “cut off your nose to spite your face.” It seems like there is a lot of that going around on both sides. What’s your views on the Republican’s VP pick?

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