Commentary with Winston Barnes: Hanging?

DAVIE – Parliamentarians in Jamaica will make what is called a conscience vote today on whether to resume hangings. Some in the society, maybe many are prepared to return to hanging in the wake of a sickening crime wave that has taken almost fifteen hundred lives year to date.

Sociologists and criminologists differ from time to time, as to the deterrent effect any kind of punishment, including the death penalty, has on crime. So, returning to the death penalty some believe will amount to punishment but not a reduction in murders, say.

Another aspect of the debate has to be considered as well, however. What does a society do to combat, or maybe equally important, appear to combat rampant crime that simply refuses to subside?

Maybe some kind of compromise is necessary here. Maybe what is necessary is for the government to appear to be doing something to control virtually all kinds of criminal activity that of late includes a specific targeting of women and children.

One thing is sure is that the government can not continue on the current path. Personal security is a must in any modern society, but that society must also be prepared to at least temporarily suspend some of its liberties to reach out for security for all its citizens. That security must also include opportunity for all.

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