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Commentary with Winston Barnes: Good News on the COVID-19 pandemic?

Commentary with Winston Barnes: Good News on the COVID-19 pandemic?

SOUTH FLORIDA – Despite the sadness and despair surrounding reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a whole lot of good news to go around.

First and foremost, scientists in a number of places, including not too distant Cuba, are making progress in treating the infection but maybe even finding a vaccine. Tests have even begun in this country.

World news reports that more and more people are recovering from the infection in a number of places around the globe, even Wuhan province in china where the illness first surfaced is slowly returning to what used to be normality.

The world health authority has given lowly Jamaica applause for the way in which that country has responded to the threat of the disease.

That is no easy achievement either. A small, not exactly rich country, with much drama and crime has proven that resolve and even political cooperation can and does force people to work together against a common life threatening enemy.

One of the reasons I suspect this has happened is because the administration has given daily news briefings to the general public for weeks now.

This really ought to be a template for developing countries, for a number of reasons. One is that many of our peoples are not only untrusting of governments, but they also have a cultural history of superstitions that cause much disbelief.

But the best news so far is that COVID-19 has forced all of us to satta and sekkle.


Commentary with Winston Barnes
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