Commentary with Winston Barnes: Death Penalty

By: Winston Barnes

DAVIE – Jamaicans both at home and abroad fool themselves tremendously if they believe the parliamentary vote to retain the death penalty solves any problems. What is might have done is send a message to all the people of the country that the law has not changed.

What this means is that some people might get executed some time in the future. The question still remains what is to be done about the crime that has left an increasing number of Jamaicans, both at home and in the Diaspora truly fearful, some of even visiting the island.

It is also foolhardy to continue to depend on politicians to solve the problem of crime in Jamaica. As one newspaper columnist said earlier this week, there are some politicians who had to vote Tuesday, who are in a number of ways connected to criminals in the society.

Sorry, but the only people to solve the crime problem in Jamaica are the people themselves. For one, people can stop accepting the spoils from criminal acts. They can also turn in their associates and family members who have committed some of the heinous crimes Jamaicans face every day. One more time, the words of the Marcia Griffiths song comes to mind, ‘how can women sleep with men with blood on their hands’?

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