Commentary With Winston Barnes: Cricketer

SOUTH FLORIDA –The outrageous and disrespectful behavior of a certain cricketer is another reason for Jamaicans to examine themselves and how they operate on the world stage whether it is in popular entertainment or not.

If you are being interviewed by a reporter who just happens to be female it does not give you license to mention how well she looks or invite her out on a date.

While some will undoubtedly claims the ill-mannered behavior is really part of our out-going nature, our culture or they may side with this cricketer that he was joking, one thing is certain, the reporter was not pleased with his come-on and many found it offensive, culture or no culture.

There is a certain arrogance that comes with popularity and fame, especially when accompanied by a certain level of wealth or earning power. That should however, one would hope be accompanied by some amount of what the old folk used to call some “up-bringing”

Oh, by the way, something those who object to this boorish behavior are going to be labeled with is claims of them wanting to be or behaving white. Here is the answer to that rubbish; the Jamaican athlete who stopped a reporter from continuing to speak during the u.s. national anthem a couple years ago, is not white. He probably just has some “brought-upsy”, as the old folk used to say.

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