Commentary with Winston Barnes: China Won

Commentary with Winston Barnes: China Won

SOUTH FLORIDA – It is important that we understand that even though the U.S. and Iran have not headed to full out war, there has been a victor already.

It is also important to understand that the situation could be brought to the brink any time in the future.

So, you ask, if that war wasn’t fought how could any side win? The answer is China. First and foremost, China has won the propaganda war, first off by saying almost nothing about the crisis publicly, which is part of the strategy.

What china has been able to do is stand above the fray so when its propaganda machinery is cranked up and ready to go, it can claim not the U.S. but the Chinese are the ones who are reasonable, led by a president who does not make wild and outlandish threats on social media.

Along with the multitude of countries china has developmental projects underway, it can claim it is the new America, doing the things the U.S. used to do for decades.

In fact some are calling the belt and road Chinese philosophy the new marshall plan which the U.S. utilized to refurbish Europe devastated by World War Two.

But there is a more frightening facet to the current state of affairs.

While the U.S. was using money and wasting lives in places from Vietnam through to iraq, the Chinese were building infrastructure and armaments.

It gets worse though. In a number of simulated wars games run by the pentagon, the Chinese won every one.


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