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CNN Interviews Jamaica’s Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett Live on Tourism

London, UK –  Jamaica’s Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett this evening wrapped up a live interview on CNN with its prominent News Anchor, Richard Quest on his show Quest Means Business.

The live interview took place at CNN’s studios in London with Quest in CNN’s New York City studios.

“Today was a momentous moment for Jamaica’s tourism product. We got an incredible platform to share that Jamaica is not only still open for business but should be the destination of choice for all. I am so proud that I got to share our initiatives and the vision we have for the future of Jamaica’s tourism product,” said Minister Bartlett.

Bartlett was questioned on the current enhanced security measures in the parish St. James; the need to build disaster resilience for Caribbean countries heavily involved in tourism; developments in the United Nations World Tourism Organization and his award in Berlin, Germany as World Tourism Minister of the Year.

“This is really for Jamaica and by extension, the Jamaica Tourist Board who work tirelessly to promote our country to potential visitors around the word. Our tourism product is indeed booming and we must utilize every platform to remind the world that Jamaica has a world-class tourism,” said Bartlett.

Jamaica's Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett on CNN

Bartlett is on the final leg of his European visit which took him to Greece, Italy, Germany and now the United Kingdom.

The Minister is joined by Senior Advisor and Strategist, Delano Seiveright who added that “the UK is primarily focused on speaking the international press about positive developments in Jamaica and to reassure them that the island safe, seamless and secure.”

In Germany, Bartlett led a delegation to ITB, the largest of its kind in the world, attracting around 109,000 visitors and 10,000 exhibitors to trade stands, talks and workshops. Director of Tourism, Donovan White and European based JTB officials also piloted the island’s presence.

Seiveright further noted that the visit was a success with several major developments including additional non-stop flights between Europe and Jamaica to start this summer; he opening up of other markets in Europe; increased European cruise activities and heightened investor interest in the island.

“Jamaica welcomed a record 325,804 European tourists last year, approximately 31,000 more than the previous year.” stated Seiveright.

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