Clive Stanbrook denies allegations made by former TCI Premier

TURKS AND CAICOS – Clive Stanbrook responds to allegations made by Michael Misick and the failure of TCI Bank.

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I was informed this morning of the content of Michael Misick’s recent press statement in relation to the TCI Bank closure. The allegations contained within it are completely untrue.

I do not hold and have never held any accounts with the TCI Bank nor do any of the IGA companies. I have never bought or sold shares in the TCI Bank nor have any of the IGA companies.

As such I am completely unaware of the operations of the TCI Bank and the events that have led to its closure. The first I heard of the closure of the bank was when I, along with everyone else, read the press releases issued by the FSC and the Governors office over the weekend.

The closure of the TCI Bank is an exceptionally unfortunate event for all those stakeholders and clients of that business and my sympathies go out to those that have been affected.

Defamation of character is a serious matter and I will be consulting Lawyers with respect to proceedings against Mr Misick. Such damages as are awarded will be distributed to those who have suffered most from the closure of the bank.

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