City of Miami Mayor Manny Diaz and Commissioner Jeffery Allen to Unveil Toussaint Louverture Statue

Miami, FL-City of Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, Commissioner Jeffery Allen and the Haitian Bicentennial Ad Hoc Committee, will be joined by the Center for Haitian Studies, Health and Human Services, elected officials, community leaders, civic and religious organizations for the unveiling of the Toussaint Louverture statue on Saturday, May 21st 3pm at the City of Miami Freedom Garden.

Toussaint Louverture led an army of run-away slaves which rebelled against and expelled French colonists in the western part of Hispaniola during revolutionary period of 1791 to 1804. Historically, it was the defeat of the French Expedition in Haiti in 1803 by the slaves’ army that prevented the invasion of the United States by the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Committee commissioned Sculptor James Mastin to construct the 13 feet tall monument, which will stand at the corner of 62nd street and North Miami Avenue in Little Haiti.

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