Jamaican Singing Sensation Sanchez takes charge – launches his new label

Sanchez who has recently returned to his South Florida residence from an extended stay in Jamaica the hub for his many travels and tours has launched his new label, Sanmonik Recording, which is a new subsidiary of his promotions company, Sanmonik Promotions Company Inc.

Sanmonik Promotions Inc. team currently handles his management, bookings, tours and schedules since 1995, will now also handle his distribution, E-commerce and marketing and will exclusively handle and own all the Intellectual and property rights to all his current works.

Sanchez has now relinquished his association -having fulfilled all his contractual agreements with the Caribbean music distributing giants VP Records with whom he had a long relationship, VP Records handles some 17 of his 29 albums.

Sanchez, the consummate perfectionist is currently adding the finishing touches to brand new recordings of himself, his son Kevin Jackson Jr. and shortly those of his finds at his recent self funded Jamaica talent search finalists.

According to Sanchez, “Everyone needs to be in touch and in charge of their own destiny, as every one and every thing has a SHELF LIFE and when you are current, you cannot allow others to play around and allow your shelf life to expire and you and your family are left with nothing for your future and old age.

You and your family, team members and colleagues, need to know and enjoy the fruits of your labor at a time when you are able to, and have a life that is not stressful, burdensome or cluttered with every day problems based on the decision of others when it comes to your property.

My mission is to spread love and joy for as long as I am able to, as that was the gift I received from the Father, I intend to continue to maximize that gift spread the joy and giving thanks unto the father from whom all my blessings continually flow.

One must always try to alleviate all aggravation from their life as much as you possible can and also the element of stress.

I will be working at my own leisure which is more fulfilling, having control of my time and effort is extremely important to me as my mission continues, to make a difference as I have been thought the years, now too to make a concerted effort to make that difference in others lives.

I had this awakening when I conducted my talent search in Jamaica while I as there earlier this year.

To indeed make a difference and to give others a fair chance is very important to me. To nurture and encourage the youths to keep quality in their music and maintain clean positive lyrics.

It is also very important to me as an artist to help to pave the way for our talented youths and to set a positive example, one of fairness and integrity for them to enjoy a youth’s life as it happens only once.

Had I been given this opportunity early in my life it would be more beautiful and I would be fully cognizant of all the pitfalls, trickery, and dishonesty that abounds in this business.

My effort now will give them just that, to be able to pass the baton on when that time comes, remembering that they too were given an opportunity to excel.

Honestly, it means more to me than even winning the lottery that’s how I feel, I know that if I was given the chance that I am now envisioning for the up coming artiste in this business I would not have learnt the hard way.

However, I will be open to offers or proposals in the future which will no doubt be given serious and honest analysis, before any kind of consideration, commitment or acceptance.”

Sanchez has been a busy man, having just completed whirlwind tours of Tortola, B.V.I. Turks & Cacios Island of Providensialles, and Jamaica Independence Celebration shows in Florida and 3 cities in England, where he received multiple awards in recognition for his positive influences internationally as a musical Ambassador of Jamaica. He wowed the massive Labor Day Ire Jamboree crowd in Queens New York, and headlined the first Reggae festival in Philadelphia at Penns Landing on September 18.

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