Why Choose Amerijet for International Small Package Shipping?

FORT LAUDERDALE – Amerijet is proud to offer small package shipping services to countries all across the world. For shipments weighing up to 60 pounds, we offer fast, dependable, and affordable small package shipping services businesses and individuals count on every single day.

Of course, we realize that you have options when it comes to choosing your shipping provider. We thank you for considering Amerijet, and we work hard every day to deliver the best cargo shipping services and solutions in the business.

Small Package Shipping with AmerijetWhen you choose Amerijet for international small package shipping, some of the benefits you can enjoy include:

  • Affordable flat rates— Our flat rate pricing model for small package shipping services gives you the best possible value. With flat rates starting at just $35.00 for packages 10 pounds or less, you can save money transporting your goods to destinations worldwide.
  • Countless destinations— No matter where you need your small packages shipped, depend on Amerijet to get them delivered quickly and safely to just about any destination around the world. We offer service to more than 550 destinations globally, so you can be sure your package will always reach its intended destination.
  • Fast delivery times— With daily flights to many of the world’s most popular destinations, our international small package shipping services are a fast way to get your cargo delivered safely and on time.

Get a free quote for small package shipping and take advantage exclusive promotions for booking your shipment online when you visit Amerijet.

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