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Caymanian Author Pens Book Promoting Alzheimer Awareness, Sarma

CAYMAN ISLANDS – In November 2018, Sarma was officially released to the public and online market, written by Joshua J. Dilbert, a Caymanian author based in the Cayman Islands.

This is Mr. Dilbert’s second book, the first one entitled ‘The Mordenham Acres’ and written under pen name Brad Tarlem.

This latest book has given him an excellent opportunity to hone his writing skills and also promote Alzheimer’s awareness.

“Alzheimer’s is a very sad disease and some do not receive the care and attention they deserve,” he said. “But I can see their full minds are still in there somewhere.”

caymanian author joshua dilbert promotes alzheimer awareness Sarma
Joshua Dilbert with his latest book, ‘Sarma.’ (Photo Credit: Cayman Compass)

The Cayman Islands community was very supportive of both his books. He has received a lot of praise as well as suggestions for future writings. He was also told however that he may have done a disservice to himself by using a pen name for the first book; therefore he used his real name Joshua J. Dilbert for Sarma.

“I began my writing journey from the age of sixteen during my last year of high school,” he said. “But I never really found the right thing until a few years later and finally got myself published. It is a passion of mine and I hope to have an arsenal of books out for all to enjoy in the coming years.”

Mr. Dilbert did acknowledge that Caymanian authors and artists face challenges in their homeland, but there are efforts being made with the Cayman Islands Book Fair and Cayman Literary Awards. He feels that more should be done, but steps are being taken in the right direction.

He recently embarked on a national press tour in the Cayman Islands to promote his latest project, appearing as a guest on notable media houses such as Radio Cayman, Star 92.7FM, HOT 104.1 and Cayman 27.  He was also featured in Cayman Compass newspaper and What’s Hot magazine.

Sarma is available in various locations in all three Cayman Islands as well as and Barnes & Mr. Dilbert is seeking to promote his book to an international market in the near future.

Sarma Synopsis 

Joaquin, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, has recently been placed in a nursing home, only receiving visits from his daughter and twin granddaughters. On one particular visit, he recalls a dream he had at age sixteen. He experiences an alien invasion, later metamorphoses into a reptilian-like creature and experiences an apocalyptic event.

Joshua J. Dilbert

Joshua J. Dilbert was born and raised in the Cayman Islands, where he still lives and works. Mr. Dilbert hopes that himself, along with other Caymanian writers and artists, can experience more local and international exposure.

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