Caribbean’s Hospitality and Tourism Industry to benefit from Cross-Cultural Training

(CaribPR Newswire) – A program of cross-cultural workshops designed to deliver intercultural training to the Caribbean’s Hospitality and Tourism Industry has been launched throughout the Caribbean by SNC Destinations, a tourism marketing and training company.

SNC Destinations, providing superior options in Caribbean destination management services, is seeking to enhance the experience between international guests and local hosts within the Caribbean through its series of workshops,

In light of the marked upsurge in travel worldwide last year, reflecting a more competitive environment for the tourism product and services, the Company is targeting front-line staff and management for the specially tailored programs which are focused on the interaction with people of other cultures; providing training in understanding cultural differences; recognizing social nuances through these interactions; and meeting the cultural needs of foreign guests.

According to Director of Business Development for SNC Destinations, Simone Champagnie, “We continue to welcome a growing number of visitors to our region, both for business and leisure travel, and there is no doubt that an awareness of intercultural differences and key cross-cultural skills will enable us to interact effectively with our foreign guests, and continue to compete internationally with high standards of service.”

The Caribbean tourism industry recorded growth of seven percent in international tourist arrivals to 21.8 million in 2004, with the largest increase in arrivals continuing to come from North America and an increasing number from Europe, due in part to the strong Euro.

“With over 100,000 international cricket fans expected to converge on the Caribbean in early 2007 for example,” Miss Champagnie says, “the mix of people, cultures, and languages can undeniably create misunderstandings and disappointment that can get in the way of positive relationships. Visitors will be coming from countries that represent more than half the world’s population. Everyone becomes a stakeholder, whether it is a hotelier, event organizer, even a corporate sponsor, as our front-line employees and volunteers become the diplomats for our respective countries and the entire region.”

The workshops, which begin in June, are expected to run through the end of 2006.

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