Caribbean Political Action Coalition (Cari-PAC) Congratulates President-Elect Barack Obama

CAMBRIA HEIGHTS, NY – Caribbean Political Action Coalition (Cari-PAC), a Caribbean-American economic and political advocacy and action group, congratulates U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama on his historic victory. Cari-PAC successfully organized a Get Out the Caribbean Vote effort throughout Queens, New York by rallying and organizing hundreds of volunteers on Election Day, November 4th.

“The Caribbean-American community has a strong, unifying voice as a voting block in the United States,” Cari-PAC founder Donald Vernon stated. “Barack Obama’s historic election allows us to join in embracing diversity and equal justice for all Americans, while exercising our political power as Caribbean-Americans and affording our immigrant community a chance to watch Democracy at work.”

Grassroots organization organizes hundreds of volunteers in successful Get Out the Vote Effort

Cari-PAC’s Get Out the Caribbean Vote effort organized over three-hundred fifty volunteers on Election Day, November 4th at Cari-Pac Election Headquarters at Marcus Hall in Cambria Heights, Queens, New York. Teams of volunteers distributed Obama campaign literature at local transportation hubs including bustling Parsons/Archer, 179th Street and Hillside Avenue, and the Bus Depot all located in downtown Jamaica, Queens.

Additionally, teams of Cari-PAC volunteers canvassed door to door in local Queens neighborhoods including Hollis, Cambria Heights, Queens Village, Rosedale, Far Rockaway, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens, Jamaica, St Albans and Baisley Park.

Campaign literature distributed by Cari-PAC to local communities listed local Democratic candidates up for re-election, including Gregory W. Meeks – U.S. Representative District 6, Shirley L. Huntley – State Senator District 10, Malcolm A. Smith – State Senator District 14. William Scarborough – State Assembly District 29, Michele Titus – State Assembly District 31, and Vivian E. Cook – State Assembly District 32.

Cari-PAC volunteers, neighbors, families and friends watched the election results live on large flat-screen televisions while enjoying a complimentary dinner provided by Cari-PAC at campaign headquarters inside Marcus Hall. The burgeoning crowd erupted in cheers, applause, fist bumps and hugs as Senator Obama was elected 44th President of the United States.

The Get Out the Caribbean Vote Operation sponsored by Cari-PAC is another community based outreach program designed to enrich the lives of the Caribbean-American community. Cari-PAC is a political action committee based in Jamaica, New York. Our mission is to support political and private enterprise institutions that best serve the needs of the Caribbean-American community throughout the Diaspora.

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