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Caribbean Must Assume Pro-Active Posture to Fight Terrorism – Palmer

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica’s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Carol Palmer, has emphasized that there is a need for Caribbean countries to assume a very proactive posture to address the ever increasing threat against international peace and security.

She also pointed out that the world is under constant threat from terrorism and the region should keep itself informed and updated on ways to understand how terrorists operate and on measures that can be adopted to pre-empt and counter their actions.

“Persons with criminal intentions move freely from one country to another and move their financial resources around electronically on an on- going basis. The aforementioned indicate to us, the ever increasing need for nations to collaborate and work together to fight the scourge of terrorism,” Mrs. Palmer said.

She was speaking, Thursday (April 4), at the closing of the Training of Trainers and Specialists Program of the Commonwealth Project on Capacity Building in Combating Terrorism/Justice Training Institute, which was held from March 31 to April 4.

Mrs. Palmer also noted that terrorism is now “everybody’s business as the effects are far reaching, whether you were directly or indirectly attacked.”

The Permanent Secretary said the topics covered during the five days of intense training by the participants were relevant in assisting the region to fight terrorism.

“This creates an obligation on your part (the participants) for knowledge to be cascaded within your national jurisdictions. This will guarantee sustainability of efforts in these areas and ensure that the region will have the capacity to respond,” Mrs. Palmer said.

“The process of building capacity within the region to partner with the rest of the world in combating international threats to peace and security must continue,” she added.

Mrs. Palmer said that the course undertaken represents another step towards the establishment of a permanent counter terrorism course at the Regional Centre of Excellence and the Justice Training Institute.

“We are committed to doing our part to ensure that it becomes one of the main courses on the wide range of programs that the Institute offers,” the Permanent Secretary said.

Mrs. Palmer stressed that the participants should avail themselves of further training and more importantly, “be ready to assist with the delivery of similar training programs wherever in the region.”

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