Caribbean-American owned interactive marketing agency, POWERi keeps watchful “Eye” on companies’ brands & bottom line

PLANTATION – What do SafeAuto, an automobile insurance company located in Columbus, OH and FIS, an investment advisory firm in Philadelphia have in common? They are part of a growing list of companies who closely monitor the use of their brands, and names online by third parties.

POWERi Technologies, one of the fastest growing and most recognized interactive marketing agencies in the U.S. was chosen to lead their Online Reputation Management and Brand Protection strategy.

“The field of ORM is an important aspect of any company’s online strategy. There are now million of consumers whose first interaction with a company’s brand happens online, either through a search query or other portals. As a result, any erroneous rumors, unfair opinions and other negative information posted online can adversely affect a brand and its reputation in the long term with thousands of potential new clients.” states David Andrade, CEO at POWERi Technologies.

David Andrade

Online Reputation Management, commonly known as ORM is quickly evolving as a critical service in the field of Online Marketing and Crisis Management. As the digital market place becomes more prominent, corporations have begun to monitor the use of their brands and names online. Internet search engines are now the most important window that consumers have into any company. And as a result of social media, bloggers, cyber squatters and other web 2.0 tools, millions of dollars worth of traditional advertising can now be wiped out by one or two negative comments brought to light through search engine queries.

Companies like SafeAuto are quickly realizing the benefit of using POWERi’s ORM services in recapturing dozens of web domains using a variation of their name to divert traffic from their main site.

“The loss of thousands of potential qualified customers reaching our site each day translates to a seriously quantifiable loss to our bottom line, not to mention a loss of control of our brand. Many customers may not be aware that they are not in fact dealing with SafeAuto Insurance, but with entities who have nothing to do with who we are and what we do for our customers each day.” states Elie Deshe,(Click on link to contact this source) Manager, Emerging Media at SafeAuto Insurance.

POWERi’s Online Reputation Management and Brand Protection Services include full monitoring of domain names, keywords, brands and topics associated with any business. The services also include direct intervention when necessary as well as pro-active reputation development through search engines and social media applications.

“There are several corporations, including many Fortune 500 companies whose domain names are being registered daily in one variety or another and whose potential online traffic and revenue are being diverted to other sites controlled by third parties. The level of domain infringement that we uncover during a brand audit is mind-boggling, and most executives are astounded at the level of liability and loss of brand reputation that their company suffers as a result of these diversions.” states David Howell, POWERi’s Chief Strategist for Online Reputation Management.

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