Five Awards Up for Grabs at Entrepreneurs’ Book Fair

 Entrepreneurs' Book Fair

[TORONTO, ON] – The First Annual International Entrepreneurs’ Book Fair is scheduled to be held virtually February 25-27, organizers of the event have announced.

Toronto-based management consultant and Fair Director, Meegan Scott, said the event will focus on “ boosting entrepreneurial capacity and strategic leadership” by giving attendees an opportunity to catch up on ” original and current thought, philosophy and practice ” in areas of special interest to them.

Scott said the books, stories and readings to be presented at the Fair will take entrepreneurs on a guided tour of the ‘ environmental discontinuities’ that shaped the original theories put forward by the fathers of business and strategic thought such as Igor Ansoff and Henry Mintzberg.

“It will present a comparative review of the adjustments or new thinking that have emerged as a result of change and crisis, including the COVID-19 pandemic,” she added.

It is also “a time for reading and readiness to deliver the entrepreneur’s role of authorship”, Scott explained.

Five coveted awards await deserving participants

  • The Entrepreneurs’ Author Award
  • The Entrepreneur’s Book Publisher Award
  • The Audio Book Publisher Award
  • The Magate Wildhorse Author Entrepreneur Award
  • The Magate Wildhorse Entrepreneur Reader Award

Presentations will be made by no fewer than 24 highly rated and emerging authors and speakers.

Scott noted, that reading is essential for entrepreneurs―the Caribbean and Black Community included. It is the one investment that will deliver fast and rapid gain in new perspectives, knowledge, understanding of your market, skills sets and capacity to cope with stress. It is the wellspring of inspiration for the innovation that could get you the competitive advantage you seek.

The Entrepreneur’s Book Fair promises extreme opportunities to take up the recommendation of Charlie T. Munger―“spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up”. Because it is hard for entrepreneurs to find time to read books in the way they need to in order to succeed Magate Wildhorse has created this annual event for breaking they can start each year fired up to read, write and powered to excel.

Publishers and authors will benefit from the opportunity to showcase current and forthcoming books as well as to meet new authors, partners and readers.


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