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Call for unity as The Bahamas celebrates 36 years of Independence

NASSAU, Bahamas – With the theme ‘Towards a common loftier goal’, The Bahamas is celebrating 36 years of Independence.

Many activities to commemorate that historic event on July 10, 1973 have been planned.

“In the spirit of unity, let us pursue the loftier goal of peace and goodwill,” said Governor General, his Excellency Arthur Hanna, in his Independence Day message.

Since July 10, 1973, he said, the goal of successive governments and society at large has been the advancement of social and economic equity for all Bahamians.

“Over the years much has been accomplished and going forward there will be greater accomplishments as we work together towards the realisation of this lofty goal,” the Governor General said. “We remain one people, patriotic Bahamians, standing proud and tall.”

The Independence celebrations include a showcase of heritage and culture, story telling and singing, all reflective of country’s history.

“This Independence we are cognizant that The Bahamas, like the rest of the world, is experiencing a recession,” he said. “But we have hope, and shall with God’s help, successfully weather this economic storm.”

Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Hubert Ingraham, urged Bahamians to celebrate “in a spirit of pride and gratitude,” despite being in the midst of global and protracted economic crisis.

“Our economy has been hard hit, especially the hospitality sector which is the principal engine of our economy, resulting in the lay-off of many Bahamian workers with consequent hardship for their families and for the whole community,” he said.

In this vein, he urged Bahamians to still celebrate the sacrifices and resourcefulness of ancestors and their hard-won achievements in more recent times.

“It is through their struggles, resilience and spirit of self-reliance that we have arrived at where we are today, that we have become a proud nation with our heads held high in the community of nations, having achieved a distinct cultural identity, a stable parliamentary democracy, and a large measure of prosperity,” Mr Ingraham said.

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