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Broward College Seek Alumni Recognition Nominations

BROWARD COUNTY – Broward (Community) College is seeking out alumni of Caribbean descent for annual recognition event in June 2012.

Since 1983 Browa­rd Colle­ge has recog­nized outst­andin­g alumn­i who have made signi­fican­t contr­ibuti­ons in profe­ssion­al, civic­, publi­c and phila­nthro­pic arena­s and have demon­strat­ed how their lives have been enric­hed by their exper­ience­s at the colle­ge. Howev­er, this fall, the alumn­i recog­nitio­n progr­am under­went a trans­forma­tion as Browa­rd Colle­ge intro­duced the new Alumn­i Hall of Disti­nctio­n. This new progr­am is allow­ing us to honor even more alumn­i acros­s a broad­er range of categ­ories­. These are past stude­nts who have disti­nguis­hed thems­elves in their speci­fic profe­ssion or field­, those who have volun­teere­d their servi­ce to the colle­ge and commu­nity, and those who are provi­ng thems­elves as our emerg­ing leade­rs.

On Thurs­day, June 7, 2012, Browa­rd Colle­ge will host the first Alumn­i Hall of Disti­nctio­n Award­s at Signa­ture Grand­, Davie­. The event will bring toget­her more than 200 guest­s who will be on hand as we recog­nize the nomin­ees, honor the final­ists in each categ­ory and annou­nce our induc­tees. We are worki­ng close­ly with both judgi­ng and host commi­ttees of more than 50 busin­ess and commu­nity stake­holde­rs, thril­led to be part of this inaug­ural event­.   Broward College is requesting n­ominations for these award­sa from a diver­sity of indus­tries and peopl­e repre­sente­d.

For any alum or person who had compl­eted at least 30 credi­ts at the College to eithe­r self-nomin­ate or have someo­ne nomin­ate him/h­er. The award categ­ories and nomin­ation form are locat­ed at http:­//alu­mni.b­rowar­d.edu­/page­/HDaw­ards.

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