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Commentary With Winston Barnes: Brexit, Three

SOUTH FLORIDA – The crises which have been precipitated by, Brexit – Britain’s imminent departure from the European Union is not going to go away any time.

Further, Britain is going to survive if only because it has to. This however should not be reason for thoughtful people to deny certain realities.

Among those realities, membership in the union has brought a number of liabilities for Britain.

I am still convinced that the lowering of social standards of behavior by immigrants is something that is a cause for concern, but exiting from an organization which has brought some benefit to Britain was not the only solution.

But even more in need of examination is that politicians played a number on voters in Britain.

The rumblings in the Labour Party are an indication that even the members of parliament on that side of the house are not pleased.

BrexitThere has to be a lesson in this for all voters in democratic societies.

Being a citizen in a democracy calls for serious work at the game of democracy, if you prefer, politics. It entails searching out the factual issues; looking for alternatives to what even those you support have suggested.

If nothing else, the Brexit vote last week demands that a voter must be informed and not merely follow the crowd or the politicians who make the most noise or raises your anger level the highest.

Voters need to think for themselves.

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Winston Barnes Host – “Open Line” WAVS 1170AM Photo Credit: Leroy “Dreamy” Riley
Winston Barnes Host – “Open Line” WAVS 1170AM
Photo Credit: Leroy “Dreamy” Riley





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