Betty Luv Entertainment Label Releases New Easy-Listening Reggae Tracks

by Howard Campbell

Betty Luv Entertainment
Betty Luv

[NEW YORK] – It has been five years since Bethynia “Betty Luv” Palmer took up the challenge and became a music producer. Since then, she has released a number of songs that cover gospel and easy-listening reggae.

The latest releases on her Betty Luv Entertainment label are My Lady by singer Barry Back, Coming Back For More by Dan IJ and Dumpling Plane by Snappa Chef.

A longtime resident of New York City, Betty Luv has an appreciation for the Big Apple’s diverse music scene. It is no different with the acts she works with.

“It’s not about gospel or secular artists for me. Any song that I am going to stand behind it must give credence and substance to life,” she said. “It must be edifying and give glory to the Almighty and be a substance to society.”

Betty Luv was born in Westmoreland, a rural parish on Jamaica’s north coast. She was raised in the Maxfield Avenue area of Kingston, which has a rich music history.

While managing the career of gospel singer Minister Denatra, he suggested she try her hand at music production, a rarity for women in reggae. That was 2017 and Betty Luv Entertainment has to date churned out songs by established acts like Anthony Cruz and Natty King as well as Minister Denatra and Singer Irie.

In late 2021, Betty Luv released her most ambitious project to date. That was the Love Floo Riddim, a compilation album featuring songs by Anthony Cruz, Natty King, Minister Denatra, Singer Irie and Steve Tulloch.


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