Best Tips How To Be Travelling College Student

Best Tips How To Be Travelling College Student

Despite the ongoing pandemic and constant lockdowns, there are still lots of opportunities to travel for students. Grants, cultural exchange, internships, conferences, and work, opportunities for travel without huge costs for young people are open today. You just need to be able to look for them. The main thing is to dare to travel, most likely, to buy tickets.

Best Tips For a Travelling Student

There are many scholarship programs of European governments, but the most universal is the European Commission-funded Erasmus + Academic Mobility Facilitation Program. It allows you to get higher education at the same time in several EU universities for free, receiving a decent scholarship. To participate in such programs, you need to apply not to the university, but directly through the website of the program. Their list is on the official website; it expands annually. You can apply for three programs at once. The scholarship is about a thousand euros a month; to this is added annually 1-3 thousand euros for the road and one-time “lifting” for the arrangement of 1 thousand euros. Here are our cool tips for traveling students.

  • Don’t be afraid to start.

In such independent travels, there are night attempts to find the right address, and misunderstanding of rules, moments of intercultural misunderstanding. But the stories you’ll tell about your adventures will be some of the best.

  • It is important to know English.

You don’t have to talk like Shakespeare, it’s enough if you can explain what you want. Travel seems to be created to learn foreign languages.

  • Motivation is also important if you are participating in free internships.

The internship is definitely a good kind of travel for a student. Questionnaires for participation in foreign internships organized by foundations and organizations such as Erasmus+ (an organization that deals with international youth mobility) always ask about motivation. So, find your motivation and stick to it.

  • Too often, people who want to apply for the program feel that they are not suitable candidates due to a lack of experience.

But it turns out that behind them and the experience of participation in student government, and volunteering… You can also say about your job experience during a pandemic. So do not forget such details, praise yourself.

  • Also among the useful skills will be mastering the writing of essays and cover letters.

You can use a custom research papers writing service. Common mistake – not to describe in the cover letter/CV experience. Do this, you can download an essay textbook for admission to US universities.

  • If you have doubts about the program, it is better to choose something else.

Very often a bad project can be identified at the beginning. Unscrupulousness of the organizers, ill-considered program, incompetence of coaches – obviously not good. The presence of a project schedule or a detailed description is a guarantee of good program quality. When it comes to summer schools, training programs, student festivals, it is worth asking about last year’s participants. If it is part of the Erasmus + program, you can find the site and read the feedback of participants.

It is worth planning to spend the night either with a friend or in a hostel. It’s a good idea to find out about hitchhiking. For example, to step in special places. Is it possible to use public transport?

  • Do not load your luggage.

The rule here is: the more you travel, the smaller the backpack. It is not necessary to take a backpack of more than 35 liters on long trips. Also, it is better to have sandals, because they are very comfortable, dry quickly, and do not tear like sneakers. Also, the traveler should not forget to take water, a hand antiseptic, a first aid kit, and a hat on his head.

  • Make sure you take out insurance.

After all, medical care abroad is expensive. And here you need to be careful, not all insurance companies pay for services themselves.

Participating in an international program is a great opportunity to develop language skills and the ability to make contacts and present yourself. Participate in discussions, talk about your country, organize parties and excursions. This is where you will have amazing memories of the journey.

Studying to Travel

Best Tips How To Be Travelling College Student

Studying in Europe gives you the opportunity to make useful connections and find work abroad. Europe is interested in attracting talented young people. The European Parliament has simplified the rules for entering and staying in the EU. Students and researchers can spend nine months in Europe after graduation to find a job or start their own business in the EU.



Study and travel, what could be better? Christian always gets a lot of pleasure from constantly researching the topic of travel and study abroad for those who are interested. Confident advice and truthful information will help everyone find their own place for travel for students.


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