Bermuda’s Premier continues Tourism Workforce Initiative

HAMILTON, Bermuda – Bermuda’s Premier Dr. Ewart Brown, Minister of Tourism and Transport, worked in the Fairmont Leadership Development Program today (March 31) as part of a coordinated effort to get Bermudians excited about career opportunities in the local hospitality industry.

“The Leadership Development Program is one of the greatest opportunities for Bermudians interested in hospitality,” the Premier said. “This program is about more than getting hotel workers in the door, it is also about moving them up the ladder. This is the kind of program that is a great asset for rejuvenating Bermuda’s Tourism workforce.”

Premier Brown launched an initiative called Rejuvenating the Tourism Workforce February 9th. It includes workplace visits in the first half of the year. Meantime, later in 2009, a centre for hospitality training will be launched and current industry professionals will share their first-person experiences through electronic media.

Last month the Premier worked at Elbow Beach, Bermuda in the guest services and food and beverage divisions. Today at Fairmont Hamilton Princess he worked with Bermudians Roydell Neverson, Director of Rooms and Andrew Schwaegerl, a current Leadership Development Program management trainee. The Premier also had a brief orientation with Bermudians Kellianne Smith, Director of Human Resources and Allan Trew, Hotel Manager.

Ms Neverson, who is a Leadership Development Program mentor, said: “There was excitement among the staff when we walked through the halls of the hotel with the Premier. One room attendant in particular stopped the Premier and said, ‘come see my room, come see my room.’ They were just very excited, very proud to have him here.”

Premier Brown checks-in Fairmont Hamilton Princess guest Diane Miller from California as Roydell Neverson and Andrew Schwaegerl usher the Premier through the Fairmont Leadership Development Program.
Photo courtesy of DCI

The Premier’s responsibilities today included assisting with the check-in of a guest from California and inspecting a room in preparation for a VIP arrival.

The Premier said: “I’m really enjoying my time getting to witness the Tourism workforce from the front lines. Usually I am on the receiving end of the hotel experience so it is a great learning experience for me to witness it from the service side. I have a lot of respect for our Tourism workforce. If even one person decides to give hospitality a try as a result of this initiative it will be well worth it for me.”

“We are grateful any time we have the opportunity to demonstrate the training and careers available in the hospitality industry,” General Manager Jon Crellin said. “Having Premier Brown with us today puts a spotlight on Fairmont’s Leadership Development Program, which is designed to train qualified, new college graduates to be executives in five years and general managers in ten. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for bright, young and mobile Bermudians who want to work in the hospitality industry.”

Anyone interested in the Leadership Development Program should contact Director of Human Resources Kellianne Smith at [email protected] with the words “Leadership Development Program” in the subject line.

“We’re soliciting recent college graduates who are serious about careers in hospitality and who are willing to work hard and climb the ladder to the absolute top,” explained Ms Smith. “Fairmont’s Leadership Development Program is for someone who wants to see the world and who has the passion and desire to hold an executive position within our hotels.”

The Premier will continue his efforts to rejuvenate the Tourism Workforce by working next at the Tucker’s Point Hotel and Spa.

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