Bermuda Tourism makes a splash in New England

Hamilton, Bermuda – At a press conference today (March 16) Bermuda’s Premier Dr. Ewart F. Brown Minister of Tourism & Transport made a strong pitch for the Caribbean island as a top destination.

“Like the people involved with Major League Baseball, we in tourism know that this is the time of year when we need to perform at our best. When the mercury rises, we must raise our game as well” stated Brown.

“As you know we have spent the past few months at Tourism getting ready. We have refurbished the course here at Port Royal to make it one of the best public golf courses in the world, we have increased airlift from the Northeast and I have asked you here today because we are pleased to announce that we have formed a new marketing partnership with the Boston Red Sox – one of the world’s most recognizable, most celebrated professional sports brands” according to Brown.

This kind of partnership for Bermuda Tourism will not be entirely unfamiliar because we did something similar with the New York Mets last year. But this is an upgrade.

We have found a way to make an even stronger marketing stand at a time when gaining an edge on the competition is more important than ever.

The signature Bermuda Tourism pink will now be as much a fixture at Fenway Park as the Green Monster. The deal also gives us a working relationship with the New England Sports Network – or NESN – which brings in an average audience of 700,000 viewers per game, primarily in the New England area. New England is a market where we want to raise Bermuda’s visibility. NESN will help us do that.

No regional sports broadcaster in American brings in a higher market share for baseball than NESN – in New England baseball is practically a religion. We will air Bermuda Tourism television commercials and billboards on NESN as well as feature the Feel the Love brand prominently on

Frank Huckabone of Fenway Sports Group (left) and Adam Grossman of the Boston Red Sox (right) present Premier Dr. Ewart F. Brown with a Boston Red Sox jersey to commemorate a new Bermuda Tourism marketing partnership.

Additionally, we will bring back the Bermuda Night event, but this time it will be at Boston’s historic Fenway Park. You can put it in your calendars for Friday, June 19th when the Red Sox play the Atlanta Braves.

I know we have plenty of Braves and Red Sox fans in Bermuda who will be pleased to hear about that.

But there is more than just baseball to get excited about. This new marketing partnership has a fantastic component that goes beyond what we had last year.

Deutsche Bank Championship

This new relationship allows us to promote Bermuda Tourism to golf fans at the Deutsche (Doy-Cha) Bank Championship in September. It is no secret that golf – especially this beautiful golf course here at Port Royal – will play a major role in the way we market Bermuda Tourism going forward.

Fenway Sports Group is an exclusive sponsorship partner of the Deutsche Bank Championship and we will be working with them to tout the Feel the Love message at the TPC Boston golf course during Labour Day weekend.

“Marketing the Bermuda Tourism message with professional sports teams is a strategy that serves us well and we think this is the best sports marketing package we have captured thus far. I can’t wait to get started”, concluded Brown.

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