Behind the News: Ultimate Daily News Fix With Alicia Marie Phidd on Spotify

FLORIDA – International selling nonfiction author Alicia Marie Phidd is excited about yet another historic move as she announces the launch of a groundbreaking podcast, “Behind the News: The Briefing,” on Spotify. The podcast aims to provide listeners with essential business and tech news updates in a convenient and time-efficient manner.

Behind the News: Ultimate Daily News Fix With Alicia Marie Phidd on Spotify
Alicia Marie Phidd

“I believe this is the time more than ever to stay informed. The pandemic has changed how we view globalization.” said Ms. Phidd. As the business and technology landscapes continue to evolve rapidly, staying informed about major industry announcements can be challenging, especially for busy professionals. “Behind the News: The Briefing” is designed to address this need by delivering concise 60-second news updates, making it easier for listeners to stay on top of the latest developments.

Hosted by Alicia Marie Phidd, who made history in Sarasota, Florida when she became the first female general counsel of a minor leagues franchise in United Soccer Leagues (USL) in 2019 after 25 years of its existence. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business and legal fields and has already changed the game in podcasting catering and empowering the voiceless gig workers and micro (small) business owners to operate at top macro level.

“Behind the News: The Briefing” offers a unique blend of expertise and engaging storytelling. In each episode, Alicia presents the top business and tech headlines that are crucial for industry professionals and enthusiasts to know.

With a signature fast-paced and captivating style, Alicia ensures that listeners receive the most important information in under a minute. From insightful analysis to impactful historical facts, “Behind the News: The Briefing” delivers a comprehensive overview of influential events and conversations shaping the business world.

What sets “Behind the News: The Briefing” apart is its commitment to providing timely updates and expert commentary. Alicia’s extensive background as a former scientist who boasts a law degree and masters in environmental studies brings a unique perspective to the podcast, offering valuable insights that reflect the standards of esteemed publications and podcasts.

Subscribe to “Behind the News: The Briefing” on Spotify

Listeners can easily access “Behind the News: The Briefing” by subscribing to the podcast on Spotify or anywhere you get your podcasts. New episodes will be posted daily, ensuring that subscribers never miss out on essential news and conversations. By tuning in, listeners can save time while staying informed and engaged with the latest industry developments.


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