Beauty Pageant Winners join campaign to fight music degrading women

MIAMI – Two beauty queens join the coalition of artists and community leaders championing a fight against the sex-drenched lyrics found in music targeting our nation’s youth. And, as the movement touches down in Broward county in August, these staunch women activists will send the country’s recording industry a clear message.

Brook Eneas, formerly Brook Francis, Miss Florida Panhandle 2005 and Meleisha Mignott, Miss Jamaica 2007 are now the official spokeswomen for Music Rocks Ya Soul — a campaign combating misogyny, violence and hostility in mainstream music. The campaign produces rallies, workshops, concerts and festivals designed to challenge mainstream, indie and youth artists to write clean, socially- conscious lyrics.

“I tell young women them that if all you watch everyday is BET’s Top 20 Countdown where you see young women half naked dancing on top of men, whether you know it or not, that’s what you will begin to emulate. It’s your decision to want better and to do better,” said Eneas, a resident of Davie, Florida.

Meleisha Mignott has joined the campaign because she hopes to counteract the similar images and lyrics that run rampant in reggae music and Caribbean culture.

“There hasn’t been enough spoken against it,” said Mignott, resident of Margate. “If I were to speak to Elephant Man, the first thing he’s going to say is that he loves his Jamaican women. But how many young girls are listening to songs like his thinking that’s what they have to do to be recognized?”

Music Rocks Ya Soul is presented by non-profit organization Inspiring Through The Arts, dedicated to cultivating a new breed of young artists (6-18) to affect social change within their community.
Eneas and Mignott will speak at campaign events all throughout the month of August and September in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

At each event, the hope is to spark action among youth attendees, stir up their natural artistic gifts in a safe, conflict-free zone and invite them to take a stand against offensive music.

All events will culminate in a major all-day festival and benefit concert on November 22, 2008 at Boomers!, 1700 NW 1st Street in Dania Beach, Fl.

With a target audience of youth ages 14-30, November’s festival will not only feature positive music from mainstream and local acts in Rock, Hip-hop, Reggaeton, Reggae and Soul, but other activities include a youth talent showcase, free Boomer games, a Dade vs. Broward youth basketball tournament, dance contests, “We Hate Raunchy Music” petition booths, digital music tents, and DJs spinning positive music.

Current campaign partners and sponsors include Life Impact, NEWD Magazine, Soul Movement Crew, South Florida Caribbean News and Perfumania. The campaign is also working with Best Buy to kick off an electronics recycling drive. When an attendee brings an old CD player or cell phone to any event, they will receive a free gift.

Music Rocks Ya’ Soul is an interactive positive music campaign that sparks dialogue, social action and music creation within local communities of young people around the world.

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